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Bro. Roger Parish has provided piano lessons to both our daughters over the years and we've found him to be patient, thorough, generous, and simplistic.He is a Man of God that has gained our trust and respect.  He genuinely desires to see the children perfect whatever gift of music God has given to them.  Can't fail to mention how emensly talented in God he is himself - he not only can sing very well but he can play & teach many instruments, equally well.  My husband & I are thankful to know Bro. Parish and have nothing but good things to say about him.


Roger Parish is an excellent teacher of music. Roger's teaching methodologies are always refined to the needs of his student/client, and his diverse knowledge of musical instruments and music theory in general makes him a valuable asset to have as teacher/coach. The vast experienced gained from Roger's music coaching have been pivotal to my success as a professional music composer. I am forever grateful.


A wonderful place to learn excellence in musical arts. Roger Parish is top notch


Great with his students. Uses tough love, but with a gentle smile. Very encouraging. He knows his craft!!!


Victoria Reynolds I NEEDED TO execute my ultimate goal. I was led to Parish Musical Arts Conservatory where the goals/door of my dream open. NOW SEE HIS WONDERFUL WORKS OF HARD WORK AND PRACTICE. YouTube Victoria Reynolds Counterfeit man


Roger Parish is an OUTSTANDING music instructor! He taught my siblings and I music lessons 30 years ago and now I have the pleasure of watching him teach my own children (piano and drums). He expects a lot out of his students and has a unique ability to develop their desire to meet and exceed his expectations! His praise is hard-earned, as such, it garners a genuine sense of pride and accomplishment when given. I highly, highly recommend Roger Parish to anyone looking for a highly skilled music instructor that is truly operating in his gift!


Roger Parish is an excellent music instructor!!! I am a vocal student. He has brought things out of me that I didn't think I could do.  Mr. Parish is very professional, inspiring, patience, positive, motivating, and gifted!!!