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Embrace Your Musical Talents through Music Instruction

Piano Lessons Voice Lessons Instrument Lessons


Online and in-house music coaching may include free personalized e-mail summary and reasonable question/answer dialogue.

• Fees and rates are nonrefundable

• Faulty products will be replaced

$30 Application/Administrative Fee at initial enrollment

Weekly 30/60min Lesson - $30/$55 per lesson
   piano-keyboard-guitar-bass guitar-drums-trumpet-trombone-flute-clarinet-saxophone-orchestral strings
Weekly 30/60min Voice Lesson - $35/$65 per lesson

(10% DISCOUNT for multiple family members in the same household)

The Lesson can either be by phone or by equivalent e-mail/phone communication throughout the week.

Fees are paid monthly and are due by the first lesson of the month.

All listed instructional products are included in the above Phone/E-mail Lesson rates as needed to meet our goals, but may be purchased separately upon request without enrolling.


• Existing Sound File Product - $7 per mp3 file

Personalized Sound Files - $0.50 per minute

Existing video product - $12 per clip

Personalized Video Clips - $0.75 per minute

Instructional Documents - $3 per attachment

Parish Musical Arts Conservatory and PMArts Records claims a minimum of 3% writers royalties on all copyrighted published audio and video material created in part by our producers.

Recording Time - $50 per hr

Performance Tracks - $20 single audio track, $10 per additional audio track
(drums, bass, strings, effects, etc) Instrumental Track recordings of published songs recreated to order for use in recreated
   public performance only.

Creative Audio Production - $75 per hr or $300 per song minimum est.
   Audio arrangements created by PMAC and PM Arts producers.

Mixing and Mastering - $150 per song minimum est.

Discounts negotiated for multiple song projects.

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With Roger Parish
Roger Parish
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